Have you ever tried a wetsuit for teaching?

Have you ever thought about a wetsuit for your “learn-to-swim” students?

While I started wearing a wetsuit back when I taught in “unheated pools,” now even when I teach in heated, warm water pools (87 plus degrees)–I won’t teach in anything else!


1. I’m a better teacher when I’m warm!
2. I use a fraction of the sunscreen which is not only quite convenient, my savings in sunscreen probably will pay for the wetsuit in a few years (as much as I’m in the pool)!
3. When I wear my speedos, my fellow male instructors are usually intimidated by my overpowering muscular physique (LOL)!

What about babies & young children?

We live in South Carolina, and both of my boys, Jeb almost 7 and Nolan 20 mos., love to wear their wetsuits. Now that Jeb is getting a little order, he doesn’t wear it exclusively, but he still wears it alot. In fact, last summer we visited Johnstown, PA and went swimming at the Windber Recreation Pool. Even though the water was like 75 degrees tops, Jeb had a blast and was in the pool for hours because of his wetsuit.

The Konfidence swimming wetsuits such as the Baby Warma and the Child’s Swimming Wetsuit are just awesome investments. Not only are the children happier in the pool because they are warm, I have found there are several other benefits:

1. The neoprene material lasts forever! Nolan is now wearing Jeb’s old wetsuit and it’s in fantastic condition.

2. Children don’t grow out of the wetsuits overnight. With adjustable velcro shoulder straps, Jeb probably got two years out of this first wetsuit that Nolan is now wearing.

3. Even when the water is warm, even 85 degree air can feel cool when your wet if there’s a little breeze. But with the wetsuit on, your child never catches a chill!

And of course all the same benefits I mentioned for adults or swim teachers apply to children, such as sunscreen savings and UV protection. If you thought you or your child liked the pool before, wait until you get a wetsuit–you’ll never get out!

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