What Are Your Biggest Pains-in-the-Neck About Teaching Adults?

As we all know, there are far more children's swimming lessons given in this country than adult lessons. This is true even though there are 3 times as many adults in the U.S. as children (U.S. Census, 2010). And about half of adults can't swim (Gallup, 1998).

One might think that the market for adult lessons would be staggering (and it is) and that anyone who wants to expand their swimming instruction business would want to capitalize on it.

However, many swim instructors are shy about getting into the adult market.

Most swim instructors cite these reasons for not wanting to teach adults:

  • They don't show up.
  • They show up in the beginning but then they quit.
  • I'm afraid an adult will panic and I'll be at risk.
  • I don't know how to deal with their fears.

What is your experience? What, if anything, keeps you from feeling as powerful and eager to teach adults as you do to teach kids?

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