What is Your New Year’s Resolution for Your Aquatic Facility/Program?

Some people say that New Year’s Resolutions aren’t any good.  They don’t work and they won’t last. But I disagree.  For quite some time now I have picked a professional project to initiate as my New Year’s Resolution.

I actually came up with this idea at my very first job as a young adolescent working at a lake in New Jersey. Frank Murray was an apple farmer who could not swim but he ran one heck of a swimming hole that turned into a prototype for today’s water parks.

Each and every summer, I couldn’t wait to get back to the lake which was drained each winter for maintenance.  During the winter Mr. Murray would contemplate changes he would make for the upcoming Summer season.  And he followed through, probably because he had five months to fine-tune his New Year’s Resolution before putting it into practice.

My colleagues and I would show up in the early Spring to put into place what our boss had in mind for the coming season.  He would always surprise us - painting the docks new colors, new hats for the lifeguards, new signage, a new slide, etc.  Each and every summer we had a new look for the same old lake to excite the returning members.  

It created excitement for the employees as well.  I still try to generate that excitement for the coming year with a new project.  This year we hope to launch a non-profit aimed at significantly improving water safety at financially needy pools.  It’s not too late to get a New Year’s Resolution for the upcoming summer season or for the existing season if you have a year ‘round facility.


What is your New Year’s Resolution for Your Aquatic Facility/Program?

Will you launch a Note and Float Program for non-swimmers?

Will you add new, effective signage at your facility?

Will you add a new creative aquasize class?

Emphasize Proactive Prevention rather than Reactive Rescue and Resuscitation?

Make your own in-service training video?

Develop effective scanning strategies?

Create an Employee of the Month Award?

Initiate a Junior Life Guard Program?

Create a mentoring program?


We’d like to hear from you.  If you tell us your New Year’s Resolution perhaps other readers with similar experiences can write in with suggestions.

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