What would you do today?
What would you do today if tomorrow you knew you were going to get a visit from?
• The health department
• Your lifeguard auditor
• Your Owner to discuss the P&L statement
• Your mother
• A tour from a prospective large group
The answer is that you would probably,
1. Scramble all resources to clean all the pools ,check all the readings, read the pool code and inspect everything on your property to see if it meets code. Also you would make sure all your documentation is up to date.
2. Check all certifications, drill all your guards to make sure they are ready and give the day off to all those who are weak on their skills.
3. Pull all your data and make a spreadsheet to show all your revenues, cost of sales, payroll and other expenses versus budget as well as print graphs to show attendance, occupancy and comparisons.
4. Inspect every slide and ride tube so you know your mum will not get injured.
5. Clean and repair everything (C.A.R.E.) so you make your mum proud and the prospective group will be impressed and book with you.

You will also be out in the park the whole time supervising to make sure everything above gets done or you will be doing it all yourself!

Well the good news is that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get a visit all in one day but the bad news is that it’s likely that you’ll get a visit from all of these folks at some point.

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