Your Swim Instructors can "make or break" your LTS Program

How can your swim instructors take your lessons program to another level?  This email exchange demonstrates how Swim Lessons University training can help your Learn to Swim program experience the same success, not only in the pool, but on making an impression on your customers–the parents.   Your Swim Teachers are the lifeblood of your program.   Make sure they are representing you well.


Dear  Coach Reiser:

I want you to know how much we have enjoyed having Ms. Michelle teach our daughter Ashley to swim over the last 6 weeks.  Michelle has been an outstanding swim teacher by praising Ashley when she succeeds in learning a new swim technique and constantly praising her  when she continues to improve on her swimming skills.  Ashley is excited to see Michelle every night at the pool and is dressed and ready to go swim as soon as I get home from work.  When we arrive at the swimming location, Ashley practically runs to the pool so she can begin her lessons.  Ashley is usually very shy around new people she meets but struck up an instant friendship with Michelle from day one.  Coach Michelle ALWAYS has a smile on her face and speaks not only to Ashley and me, but to my 2 year old daughter who comes with us to the pool.  Michelle has even taken the time to learn my 2 year old’s name and waves good bye to her when we leave so Ashley can begin her lesson and when we leave after the lesson is over. (this will be part of our “Marketing YOU and Your Swim School” presentation at this year’s Swim Lessons University Swim Instructor Conference).

I have registered Ashley for your next swim lessons session and Ashley requested that I again get Michelle for her teacher,and have done so.  What a huge compliment for a teacher when they are specifically requested by name!

We are hoping Michelle will be teaching again next summer so that Ashley can again receive the encouragement and praise she needs to continue her swimming skills.

Thank you!
Hannah M.


Hi Hannah!

That is really awesome!  And thank you…  I believe this is the only way we separate ourselves in this economy, so I spend part of our instructor training stressing this type of thing.  I am so glad it is appreciated.  Of course the most important part is Ashley is learning to swim and enjoying
the process.

If you are on facebook, I would love to reward you for your comments.   Let me know and I’ll tell you how to proceed….




HI Coach Jim,

I am glad to hear that Michelle will be rewarded for her efforts.  Not too many companies will do that for their employees in this economy.  That’s wonderful and a real motivator!


When Ashley started swim classes in early July she could not go underwater for more than 2-3 seconds without panicking or would get frustrated whenher dad would try to teach her swimming techniques.  Last night I watched Michelle give Ashley your Adv. Swim Strokes lesson plan as she practiced her butterfly swim style and then dove under the water in the 41/2 feet deep to retrieve an item from the bottom of the pool.  The only thing I kept thinking was “This is the same child who was afraid of going under water no more than a month ago and who was afraid of taking swimming lessons??? Really???”  Even Michelle has commented on how quickly Ashley has learned how to swim.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that I almost literally have to jump into the pool myself to get Ashley out when class is over.  She loves it that much.  We are so looking forward to next spring/summer.

Thanks again,

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